Where are your Nordmann Fir Christmas trees grown?

Our Nordmann Fir trees are grown in Hampshire, England. Hampshire is hands down the best place to grow Christmas trees in the UK, at least according to Santa (please don’t quote us on that).


What makes your trees better than others?

Our Nordmann Fir trees are the highest grade of Christmas trees. We grow hundreds of trees each year; however, only a tiny percentage makes the grade for our collection as we only select the best.

They have been the nicest and bestest little firs all year (we know, because we see them when they’re sleeping, and we know when they’re awake). They’re known for their non-drop needles, long life span, and fresh Christmas-y scent.


What if I don’t like the shape of my tree?

We have a Tree Guarantee so in the unusual event that you don't love the shape of your tree, you can return & replace your tree... for free! That’s our guaranTREE!


Can I choose which day for my tree to be delivered?

Yes! Once you add your Christmas tree to your cart, you can select your date for delivery. Trees are a little bit harder to deliver than gifts; after all, they don't fit through chimneys - so so we want to make sure we deliver it at the best time for you. 


What if I want to cancel my order?

We allow order cancellations as long as it's 48 hours before their nominated delivery date. Don’t worry, you’ll still be on our nice list so do let us know if you change your mind!.


Do you offer an NHS discount?

Yes we do – Santa gave us a heads up that the wonderful men and women of the NHS have been amazing throughout the year. Not just good, but amazing! We are strong believers in giving back to those who give so much to others, so we are giving all NHS workers £10 off their trees. If you work for the NHS, just email us at hello@santatrees.co.uk to let us know and we'll give you a special discount code!


Can I come and pick my tree?

Yes, you can come to the Santa Tree’s grotto and choose your tree (and yes, Santa Tree’s grotto is as amazing as it sounds). We can arrange free delivery, or you can drive away with your tree if you'd prefer..


How does collections work?

If you select our collection & disposal service to your order, you’ll receive an email to confirm which date you would like us to collect and dispose of your tree. We will be doing collections every Wednesday & Saturday. Let us know, so we can all be kept on Santa’s nice list - proper tree disposal scores really well, according to Santa..