Collection & Disposal

Dispose of your tree sustainably by opting-in to our Collection & Disposal service.

We'll collect your tree on your chosen date, and then take it back to where it was grown to be chipped and spread across the farm - providing nutrients for next year's trees.

How the Collection & Disposal works:

  • You'll receive an email to select the date for collection:
    • Monday 4th January
    • Thursday 7th January
    • Monday 11th January
    • Thursday 14th January
  • On the day of collection, please leave the tree outside in a visible place for our elf to collect
  • If you wish change the date of collection, please let us know by emailing a minimum of 72 hours before the collection date.
  • We'll send a reminder email 1 day before the collection date

Don't forget - proper tree disposal scores really well, according to opt-in to our Collection & Disposal service to get on Santa's nice list, and you'll be helping fight deforestation at the same time.